EU Regulation No. 617/2013


On 1 July 2014, Regulation No. 617/2013 of the EU Commission enters into force.

What does this mean for manufacturers and assemblers of PC systems?

Regulation No 617/2013 builds on the already known Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 / EC, which calls for the environmentally sound design of computers or servers. The current extension of the regulation stipulates that internal power supplies must ensure an efficiency of 82% at 20% and 100% utilization, and 85% at 50% capacity utilization. Furthermore, the new EU regulation requires a power factor of 0.9 at full utilization of the power supply.

For manufacturers and assemblers, it should be noted in addition that in addition to the previously required information requirements, now also information about the consumption of the computer must be made. Only then can a CE marking be made.

Further information on the topic can be downloaded here :

>> EU Regulation No. 617/2013 (Link)
>> EU information brochure on the Ecodesign Directive (PDF document)
>> Power supplies without an efficiency of min. 85% at 50% utilization

Wikipedia writes: A Power Supply Unit (PSU) is a standalone device or assembly that powers devices or assemblies that require different voltages and currents than those provided by the power grid. Output voltage and maximum output current can be fixed or variable ....

Built-in power supply

For larger outputs (more than 100 W), power supply units within devices or control cabinets are often designed as an assembly or built-in unit. The requirements for contact protection are then lower. The integration of the power supply on the other hand, however, increases the security requirements of the entire device, since this now for example with regard to shock hazard, leakage intervals and surge resistance or protective ground must meet the requirements that were previously made only to the separate power supply.

Built-in appliances or built-in power supplies are also often used when multiple voltages are required, such as in computers, televisions, video recorders, fax machines, or laser printers.


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